Welcome to Hemi's home!
This is my car!
This is private property if your uninvited you must leave or feel the rath of Hemi! Id like to say hi to all my friends Candie, Monica, Heather, Jamie, and all the ones i forget! Enjoy!
This is my go to school car!
As you all know im the best! I do all sports and i can do anything! So if you need to know anything else ASK!
My name!
This pretty much explains my name!
My interests:
  • Aircraft/Flying
  • Cars/Motor Racing
  • Comedy
  • Dance/Theatre
  • Movies/TV
  • Music: Rock and Pop
  • PC Games
  • Sports: American Football
  • Sports: Athletics
  • Sports: Baseball
  • Sports: Fishing
  • Sports: Golf
  • Sports: Sailing/Water Sports
  • Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating
  • Travel

Favourite links

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